DJ Sliink - LFTF Mix

Listening to this because I’m mad at the Internet and club music is the best when you need something to keep you from unleashing more negativity into the ether. And writing that last sentence reminded me of this thing Doo Dew Kidz legend and Baltimore Club stalwart DJ Booman once told me about just how cathartic/REAL club music is for kids in Baltimore/Jerz/beyond. From my email archives:

Club music definitely reflects the aggressiveness of living in this city. Club music, in many ways, was created the same way hip hop music was. The conditions of this city were… and still are… bad in the inner city… so it’s a way of escape. When Rod Lee says “Dance my pain away” that shit is real! For that five or six hours that these kids are at Paradox or Choices sweating their brains out dancing and having fun, that’s five or six hours of aggression the citizens of Baltimore don’t have to encounter.

That’s all.

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posted : Monday, June 4th, 2012